August 2022 Newsletter

August 2022 Newsletter

August Interim

Interim committee meetings will be be held at the capitol August 16-17. Click here for meeting times.

Remembering our Pioneer Heritage

Since the arrival of the pioneers 175 years ago, Utah has built a thriving and unique state where families and businesses can prosper. I’m grateful for the pioneers' example of sacrifice and determination. May their heritage continue to inspire all Utahns.  

Utah Tourism

As we get into the height of the Summer season, thousands of visitors from all over the globe are making their way to Utah to experience the incredible recreation and tourism our state has to offer. Vicki Varela, managing director of the Utah Office of Tourism, joined us to discuss the current state of tourism in Utah. Listen now on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Utah’s Growing Economy

While the U.S. economy is likely heading into a recession, Utah’s economy continues to thrive. New reports from the Utah Department of Workforce Services show that job growth remains strong and unemployment rates remain low. The State’s unemployment rate has remained consistent at 2%, lower than the national average of 3.6%. 

Do Your Part to Slow the Flow

As drought continues to impact our state, conserving water is more important than ever. The Utah Department of Natural Resources provides a helpful Weekly Water Guide to help you find customized watering recommendations for your area.  Eliminating just one watering can save about 3,000 gallons for the average quarter-acre Utah yard with .17 acres of green space. Please do your part to water efficiently and slow the flow.

Election Integrity

I have received questions about election security in Utah. Here are some of the steps taken:

  • There are two levels of login
  • Registration is online
  • Each envelope has a unique identifying number
  • Replacement ballots have new numbers assigned to eliminate duplicate votes
  • The bar code only works once
  • An electronic and in-person verification is set for every signature comparison from up to 5 previous elections
  • Ballots in question have two people verifying the vote or clarifying extra pen marks
  • There are 6-7 steps of verification for every ballot - and a lot of people for it to pass through
  • A ballot name is not associated with the final vote
  • Ballot machines are not on a network
  • Each vote is transferred with an encrypted thumb drive
  • Ongoing audits compare databases
  • A public demonstration and audit always occur before each election to verify the accuracy and privacy of the process
  • There is always a post-election audit

Back to School

I hope you are having an enjoyable summer! This is a busy and exciting time for many families as you prepare to send students back to school. I want to express my appreciation to our Utah teachers for all they do to ensure the success of our children.

Kind regards,

Representative Doug Welton

Utah House District 67