• 2021 Session - Week 7

    The 2021 Utah State Legislative Session has come to an end. The days were long but the session went by quickly. After a lot of work and negotiation both of my bills passed during the final week. HB 262 Children's Health Insurance Amendments provides funding for outreach programs to get more children insured under the state's Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). HB 287 Nurse Practice Act Amendments modifies the requirements a nurse practitioner must meet before they can prescribe certain medications. I am proud that my bills addressing health care received support in the legislature and I am thankful to my colleagues for their support. 

  • 2021 Session - Week 6

    Dear Friends and Neighbors,

    The final days of the session are quickly approaching! We began the session with 4 policy priorities and are making great progress in each area:

    • Broaden Economic Success
    • Build a Connected Future
    • Extend Opportunity to All
    • Balance Emergency Powers

    To learn more about the 2021 House Majority Policy Priorities, click here.

  • 2021 Session - Week 5

    Week five is over and there are only two weeks left. Over 140 bills have been passed by the Legislature and sent to the Governor for his review. This week I presented two bills on the House Floor, H.B. 262 and H.B. 287, both trying to address healthcare issues in Utah. 

  • 2021 Session - Week 4

    Dear Friends and Neighbors,

    We are over half way through the 2021 Legislative Session. There are fewer subcommittee meetings now but voting on the House floor is ramping up. Over 90 bills have passed by the Legislature and sent to the Governor. Hundreds more will be passed in the coming weeks. Here is a sample of things that are happening: 

  • 2021 Session - Week 3

    House Policy Priorities | Covid-19 Vaccines | Fallen Officer Resolution

    This week, the House passed HB 86 Social Security Tax Amendments which provides tax relief for many living on a fixed income.

    The House Revenue and Taxation Committee also passed HB 161 Military Retirement Tax Amendments, sponsored by Rep. Candice Pierucci. This bill creates a nonrefundable income tax credit for military retirement pay.

  • 2021 Session - Week 2

    During the second week of each session, the Legislature passes a base budget for the following fiscal year. This week’s podcast features Representative Brad Last, Chair of the Executive Appropriations Committee. Listen here to learn more about Utah’s base budget including why it’s important and how it came to be.

    Additionally, S.B. 1 Public Education Base Budget Amendments passed both the House and the Senate this week. This is the single biggest investment for public education in state history with nearly $6.5 billion in funding for FY 2022 and FY 2023.

    Here are some of the base budgets that were passed:

  • My First General Session

    On Tuesday January 19th, we kicked off the 2021 General Legislative Session. With some lawmakers on Zoom and others in person, the 45-day legislative session convened to do the people’s work. Speaker Wilson made the following statement, “We are going to work harder and smarter than we’ve ever worked; and we are going to come together like never before because the moment demands nothing less… Great moments are born from great opportunity.” Read his full speech by clicking here.

    Former Speaker and Congressman, Rob Bishop, administered the oath of office to 14 new members and 61 returning members. Bishop Oscar Solis from Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City offered the opening prayer, Stacy Godfrey, daughter of the late Rep. Shurtliff led us in the pledge, Dee-dee Darby-Duffin performed the national anthem, and we enjoyed a virtual musical number by performing artists from across the state. Although this session will look different, we are ready to serve the people of Utah and enact policies that will make our state great for years to come

    Rep Welton Sworn In