2022 Session - Week 5

2022 Session - Week 5

As we wrap up week 5 of the Legislative Session, I wanted to share some highlights! I had the opportunity to meet with several groups, including the Santaquin City Council. You have great leaders there and I am glad that I could talk with them. I also had the opportunity to meet with OUTRAGE youth advocates on Thursday. Their efforts to get involved in the legislative process are impressive and vital to building a bright future for the state. I also enjoyed meeting with students from Santaquin and Payson sharing their art at the Capitol. They are extremely talented, and I am grateful for the chance to have met them. Each of these groups brought their unique and valuable perspective to many issues, just like you can.

2022 Session - Week 5

Expanding Transit in our State

Preserving Utah’s quality of life in the face of growth is one of our top priorities and we recognize that the transportation needs of our rapidly growing state cannot be met by roads alone. This week, HB 322, Public Transit Capital Development Modifications, passed the House Transportation Committee. This new approach to building and expanding transit in our state will have generational impacts on our land, economy, air quality, and time. 

Public Transit

Tour of the Great Salt Lake

This week I had the opportunity to take flight in a helicopter tour of the Great Salt Lake given by the Utah National Guard and guides from the Audubon Society. The Great Salt Lake is a defining feature of our geography, culture, and environment however, it’s in danger. It was humbling to see firsthand some of the issues facing the Great Salt Lake and gain a better understanding of how these issues affect the lives of all Utahns.

2022 Revenue Numbers

The Governor’s Office, Utah Senate, and House of Representatives released revenue numbers for state fiscal year (FY) 2022-23. Utah is leading the nation in economic performance and continues to exceed expectations. Though Utah’s economy is strong, there are significant factors, including federal stimulus wind down, that may dampen revenue gains.

Utah Highway Patrol

I’m grateful for the Utah Highway Patrol and all they do to keep the state and Capitol safe! This week the House recognized these officers for their dedication, time, and commitment to keeping Utahns safe.



Many people are concerned about the amount of federal spending we’ve seen over the past couple of years and the impact it has on inflation. The Legislature, however, is working hard to minimize the impacts of inflation and ensure that the excess in revenue is carefully spent.


Representative Mike Schultz, House Majority Leader, joins us to discuss some of the upcoming transportation projects Utahns can look forward to seeing across the state in the coming years. Listen now on Spotify or Apple Podcasts!

Kind regards,

Representative Doug Welton

Utah House District 67


Bills Passed this Week

H.B. 11 Student Eligibility in Interscholastic Activities

H.B. 12 Public Safety Retirement Amendments

H.B. 31 Insurance Amendments

H.B. 63 Covid-19 Vaccine Exemptions

H.B. 65 Forensic Biological Evidence Preservation

H.B. 88 License Plate Revisions

H.B. 113 Students with Disabilities Funding Revisions

H.B. 114 School Nursing Services Amendments

H.B. 123 Use of Force Revisions

H.B. 132 Uniform Easement Relocation Act

H.B. 166 Water Facility Amendments

H.B. 171 Custodial Interrogation Amendments

H.B. 182 Local Health Department Order Amendments

H.B. 188 Voter Signature Verification Amendments

H.B. 192 Former Offender Employment Amendments

H.B. 193 Full-day Kindergarten

H.B. 195 Auricular Detoxification Amendments

H.B. 196 Transfer of Domestic Violence Cases

H.B. 201 Kidney Health Task Force

H.B. 208 Domestic Violence Offender Treatment Board

H.B. 211 School Fees Amendments

H.B. 213 Disabled Parking Permit Amendments

H.B. 215 Project Entity Oversight Committee

H.B. 218 Citizen Petition Amendments

H.B. 224 Optometrist Practice Amendments

H.B. 226 Higher Education and Corrections Council

H.B. 231 Fishing and Hunting Restrictions for Nonpayment of Child Support

H.B. 233 Disability Benefit Amendments

H.B. 236 Behavioral Health Amendments

H.B. 237 Local District Modifications

H.B. 238 State Holiday Modifications

H.B. 242 Secondary Water Metering Amendments

H.B. 244 Geological Carbon Sequestration Amendments

H.B. 248 Juvenile Amendments

H.B. 249 Juvenile Amendments Cross References

H.B. 250 Environmental Quality Revenue Amendments

H.B. 252 Employee Verification Requirements

H.B. 256 Farm to School Program

H.B. 258 Political Action Committee Amendments

H.B. 259 Law Enforcement Use of Unmanned Aircraft

H.B. 260 Law Enforcement Recording Release Amendments

H.B. 261 Civil Commitment Revisions

H.B. 263 Utah Watersheds Council Amendments