2022 Session - Week 6

2022 Session - Week 6

The crisis in Ukraine is dismaying. My heart goes out to the residents of Ukraine, as well as my thoughts and prayers for them and our world. I hope for a quick and peaceful resolution to the conflict. I would also like to recognize the brave efforts of the service members and their families from Hill Air Force Base who have been deployed to the Eastern flank of NATO in Europe. Thank you! 

2022 Session - Week 6

We are quickly approaching the end of the session and are working hard to finish passing bills. A bill I sponsored, HB 386 Education Innovation Program, passed the House near unanimously. This is an exciting step forward that will allow teachers to innovate in their classrooms. HB 410 allocates $40 million to the Department of Natural Resources to help with preservation efforts for the diminishing water levels of the Great Salt Lake.

It was a pleasure to have some of my debate and current issues students from Salem Hills High School come to the capitol for a visit. Jim Griffin and Susan Tuckett substituted in my classes while I have served at the Capitol. Students at the Capitol

Generational Investments

One of our top priorities this session is to build a legacy through generational investments. As the state looks forward, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to make large-scale investments. The following bills will ensure our kids and grandkids continue to enjoy the quality of life we know and love.

  • HB 409 Recreation Infrastructure Amendments: Establishes sustainable funding for outdoor recreation across the state. 
  • HB 443 Utah Inland Port Authority Amendments: Aligns the UIPA board with its statewide mission & creates a process for the Port and local municipalities to work together to bring about economic, environmental, and community benefits.

Visit from U.S. Senators

Each session, our caucus looks forward to visits from our Washington D.C. Delegation. This week, we welcomed Senator Mitt Romney and Senator Mike Lee to our caucus. I appreciate all they do to represent our state.

Senator Lee Senator Romney

State Budget

While the Utah government is flushed with extra cash from federal funding, expanding the state budget isn't necessarily the best course of action. Learn more about how one-time money should not be designated to ongoing funding projects.

College Football

This week we celebrated the University of Utah’s and Utah State University’s football teams for their successful seasons. The teams represented Utah well in both the Rose Bowl and the Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl. Go Utes and Aggies!

Utah Football USU Football


Representative Jefferson Moss joins us to discuss the Legislature’s efforts to strengthen teachers and modernize education across Utah. Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about HB 184, Teacher Professional Development Amendments and HB 386, Education Innovation Program. Listen now on Spotify or Apple Podcasts!

Kind regards,

Representative Doug Welton

Utah House District 67


Bills Passed this Week

H.B. 60 Vaccine Passport Amendments

H.B. 209 Federalism Commission Amendments

H.B. 229 Property and Financial Offense Amendments

H.B. 240 Utah Lake Amendments

H.B. 257 Public Prosecutor Modifications

H.B. 274 Health Education Amendments

H.B. 278 Behavioral Health Treatment Access Amendments

H.B. 298 State Crustacean Designation

H.B. 305 Natural Resources Revisions

H.B. 311 Clean Air Heavy Equipment Tax Credit

H.B. 319 Jordan River Improvement Amendments

H.B. 348 Public Employees Retirement Amendments

H.B. 350 State Historic Preservation Office Amendments

H.B. 353 False Emergency Reporting Amendments

H.B. 356 Athletic Coaching Standards Amendments

H.B. 357 Eminent Domain Appraisal Amendments

H.B. 363 Modifications to Civil Commitment

H.B. 368 Vehicle License Plate and Registration Amendments

H.B. 369 Medical Panel Governmental Immunity Amendments

H.B. 370 Mental Health Professional Amendments

H.B. 376 Municipal Office Amendments

H.B. 377 Water Rights Adjudication Amendments

H.B. 380 School Enrollment Amendments

H.B. 383 Agency Fee Assessment Amendments

H.B. 384 Anesthesia and Sedation Amendments

H.B. 386 Education Innovation Program

H.B. 387 Ballot Processing Amendments

H.B. 388 Local Districts Amendments

H.B. 389 Nursing Education Program Amendments

H.B. 392 Expungement Fee Amendments

H.B. 393 Water Reporting Amendments

H.B. 397 Title 36 Recodification and Revisions

H.B. 399 Government Record Amendments

H.B. 403 Justice Reinvestment Initiative Modifications

H.B. 405 Switcher Amendments

H.B. 409 Recreation Infrastructure Amendments

H.B. 410 Great Salt Lake Watershed Enhancement

H.B. 418 Grid Resilience Committee

H.B. 419 Audit Committee Authority Amendments

H.B. 429 Great Salt Lake Amendments

H.B. 443 Utah Inland Port Authority Amendments

H.J.R. 15 Joint Resolution Recognizing the Employment First Initiative

H.J.R. 16 Joint Resolution Approving Exchange of School and Institutional Trust Lands

H.J.R. 19 Appropriations Procedures Joint Resolution

H.C.R. 15 Concurrent Resolution Condemning Antisemitism

H.C.R. 16 Concurrent Resolution Recognizing Student Athletes' Right to Religious Freedom and Modesty

S.B. 26 Division of Consumer Protection Amendments

S.B. 43 Occupational and Professional Licensing Modifications

S.B. 51 Transportation Amendments

S.B. 53 Driver Speeding Amendments

S.B. 61 Delinquent Property Tax Collection Amendments

S.B. 74 Alimony Modifications

S.B. 78 School Board Expansion Requirements

S.B. 82 State Facilities Management Amendments

S.B. 85 Protective Order and Stalking Injunction Expungement

S.B. 89 Water Amendments

S.B. 92 Project Entity Oversight Modifications

S.B. 95 Limitations on Employer Liability

S.B. 116 State Bird of Prey Designation

S.B. 119 Preconstruction and Construction Liens Amendments

S.B. 122 Unmanned Aircraft Amendments

S.B. 132 Child Welfare Amendments

S.B. 137 Property Decontamination Amendments

S.B. 140 Housing and Transit Reinvestment Zone Amendments

S.B. 146 Division of Oil, Gas, and Mining Amendments

S.B. 152 Community Association Regulation Amendments

S.B. 154 Naturopathic Physician Amendments

S.B. 156 Protection Against Extortion Amendments

S.J.R. 5 Joint Rules Resolution - Electronic Meetings Modifications

S.C.R. 4 Concurrent Resolution on Fiscal Sustainability

S.C.R. 8 Concurrent Resolution Recognizing the Importance of the Agriculture Industry